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Quick Side Dishes to Go Along with Food Delivery

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Quick Side Dishes to Go Along with Food Delivery

Life in Lafayette, IN can get crazy hectic – we all know that! While we want to eat healthy, sometimes that’s just not possible with our constant lack of time. Not to worry because typing “food delivery near me” is super easy. You find Parkway Pizza and Subs in Lafayette, IN and you are excited! But you don’t want to order all the food delivered (although it is delicious). You decide to order one main thing for your family and then make the side dishes at home to save money and calories. So, we’re going to discuss some quick and healthy side dishes that you can make alongside takeout. Just remember you can order from Parkway Pizza and Subs in Lafayette, IN and still have quick and healthy homemade side dishes. Leave the heavy cooking and preparing to us with your food delivery

food delivery near me Lafayette, Indiana

Takeout Food: Pizza

Side Dish: Salad

Pairs Well With: Our BBQ Chicken Pizza

Depending on what you and your family likes, you can just buy a bunch of different ingredients. You can then decide if you want to combine all the ingredients in a big bowl or if you want to set out all the ingredients and have your family pick and choose (this works best for picky eaters). Some quick ingredients to have in order to throw together a salad: your favorite type of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, onions and ranch dressing. The ranch dressing goes great with pizza – try dunking the pizza in ranch (it’s awesome!). 

If you want to see an infographic that can help you build a better salad, just follow the link.

pizza food delivery near me Lafayette, INItalian Food Pizza Delivery Near Me Lafayette, INbest food delivery near me in Lafayette, Indiana

Takeout Food: Sub

Side Dish: Vegetables and Hummus OR Chips and Dip

Pairs Well With: Our Turkey Sub

This one is classic. All you need are carrots, celery, peppers and hummus on hand. You can even make your own hummus at home if you have a food processor (and if you are able to find tahini in the grocery store). This is one of the quickest and healthiest things to pair with a sandwich. If you’re not feeling the vegetables and hummus, you can pair it with any kind of dip and chips you like. Personally, our favorite is jalapeno chips and guacamole, but we’re different. Peppers and ranch dip is another possible option.

For a recipe on how to make your own hummus, follow the link

Lafayette, Indiana food delivery near me

Takeout Food: Pasta

Side Dish: Balsamic Mozzarella and Tomato Salad

Pairs Well With: Our Chicken Alfredo Pasta


This one is a classic pairing and you only really need four ingredients: balsamic vinegar, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. Crisp and clean, it’s the perfect Mediterranean addition to any of our amazing pastas.


For steps for this recipe, just follow the link.

These are all easy ingredients to keep around, and fairly simple recipes to follow. Like we said, if you’re feeling crunched for time, and If you don’t feel like making your own side dishes tonight, leave the sides to us, it’s all a phone call and delivery away! We also have amazing chicken nuggets, chicken wings, chicken tenders, mozzarella cheese sticks, garlic bread, and garlic cheese bread.

See the food delivery menu for Parkway Pizza and Subs in Lafayette, IN here.


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